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Achievements and Experience

Below are several highlights and accomplishments that I am particularly proud of over the past few years.
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I identify as a dot connector, a systems thinker, an artist and a scientist. It is very hard for me to pick just one topic to learn about. My interdisciplinary tendency and insatiable curiosity about the world around me has resulted in a Bachelor of Arts and Science from McGill University and a doctorate at the University of British Columbia where my research spanned both natural and social science research fields.


Since 2016, I have established myself as a community leader in the Salish Sea through my work with three non-profits: MakeWay Charitable Society (formerly Tides Canada), Ocean Wise, and SeaChange Marine Conservation Society. My strengths include collaborative relationship building, fundraising, project management, and using research to inform marine spatial planning and nearshore restoration.


From 2018-2022 I raised over $912,000 toward my research and non-profit work. These funds stem from diverse sources, including government grants, awards, and government and personal donations. Through this fundraising experience, I cultivated diverse skills, including grant writing and reporting, network and relationship building,


Several years ago, the thought of public speaking made me extremely nervous. Now it completely energizes me. Since starting graduate school in 2017, I have given over 80 public talks, seminars, guest lectures, and conference presentations. My strengths include communicating scientific research in a captivating, interactive, and energizing manner to inspire engagement and action.


I have learned over the past few years that I absolutely LOVE science writing. I take particular pride in communicating stories and research that disentangle climate change and marine conservation issues (e.g. op-ed in the Narwhal that connects ocean acidification and wild fires). I am eager to continue honing my skills and reaching diverse audiences - be them fellow scientists, youth, governmental decision-makers, or community members.


Since starting graduate school, I have had the pleasure of mentoring 18 undergraduate students. My approach to mentorship and supervision always starts with clarifying the interest, needs, and objectives of each student. I have helped secure volunteer and work positions for four students in non-profit and consulting companies, and provided hands-on field, lab, computational, and applied research and conservation training.

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